Positive Changes Ahead For SilverStar Mountain Resort

Positive Changes Ahead at SilverStar Mountain Resort

January 6, 2020 – Positive changes are ahead, but not all of it is about the new owners of SilverStar. This topic was front and centre at the recent. Silver Star Property Owners Association (SSPOA) meeting held at the mountain but it wasn’t the only topic discussed.

Lots of questions and concerns from the homeowners, but it was mainly positive news that was shared with the community. Natural gas rates have been substantially reduced and negotiations are in place with the sewer provider. Most exciting of all was a presentation from the new Regional District Representative, Amanda Shatzko. Ms. Shatzko, who gave a very positive speech and assured the community of her desires to best represent their interests.  Ms. Shatzko has been a strong ally of SilverStar and assisted with the Fire Department and other subcommittees of SSPOA.  This is a refreshing change in the relationship between the SSPOA and the Regional District of the North Okanagan.

Overall, the Resort continues to upgrade its aging infrastructure and has benefitted from both increased skier visits and strong accommodation bookings.  Of course, all of it is helped by the fact that SilverStar has a good base and lots of new snow!

The real estate market at SilverStar is also strong, with good interest from buyers around the world. However, the limiting factor is the supply of product so far this year is reduced. SilverStar does have a substantial number of vacant lots, allowing people to option to build if they cannot find an existing product to purchase. Also at issues is due to the increased bookings and strong demand for accommodation, Realtors are finding it difficult to show buyers properties that are listed as they are consistently rented.


Lastly, POWDR gave an updated on ‘who they are‘. According to their information, POWDR is an adventure lifestyle company that offers awesome experiences in amazing places. Within POWDR’s portfolio are eight mountain resorts including Copper Mountain and Eldora Mountain Resort in Colorado; Killington and Pico Mountain in Vermont. Boreal Mountain Resort and Soda Springs are in the Lake Tahoe region of California along with Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. The final property is Lee Canyon in Nevada. POWDR owns the Woodward camps and programs which include Woodward PA, Woodward Copper in Colorado, Woodward Tahoe, Woodward West in Stallion Springs, CA, and Woodward Riviera Maya, Mexico. POWDR fuels participation in the adventure lifestyle with a collection of festivals, themed runs and branded events. Outside Television is the national active, outside-lifestyle programming network subsidiary of POWDR, while Sun Country Tours in Oregon is the company’s river rafting outfitter. Powderbird based out of Snowbird Resort in Utah is the company’s heli-skiing operation. POWDR is headquartered in Park City, Utah and has additional offices in Louisville, CO.


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