About Silver Star Properties

Priscilla Sookarow

IT’S A MAGICAL PLACE, above the clouds with snow-laden trees and glistening snow!

When my children were little we were invited to spend a weekend at a cabin on the Mountain.  We fell in love and worked on our dream to spend our weekends and winters here!  From our modest cabin to our current townhome, we love being here!  I never did become an accomplished skier but the children excelled and now my grandchildren are here skiing, boarding, tubing,  sledding and skating!  It’s only 22 km from the City and  there is school bus service when they stay over!  The activities, ambiance, lifetime friendships, and comradery make this home!  The Mountain is now a four-season playground and global destination, but the charm and sense of community remain.

It was easy to see the potential of Silver Star Resort and in 2000, I opened the Real Estate office in the Village. Technology lets us co-ordinate business  here and at our  respective downtown offices.  I am forever happy to be a part of this Silver Star Family. I invite everyone to visit and feel the magic and make it part of your life!

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