So what is the SilverStar Property Owners Association and why should it matter to you as a buyer? Well, the Association is a group of concerned owners and residents of SilverStar Mountain that are working hard to protect the rights of the owners and represent the best interests of the property owners of SilverStar Mountain to any and all organizations and committees having an influence or effect on the operation, development or governance of the community.

Here is a partial list of items that the group will be working on in the coming seasons:

  • Water supply
  • Sewerage costs
  • Nordic skiing
  • Building Theme for the mountain
  • Summer recreational improvements

If you are a home, suite or business owner and wish to participate, join or just learn more, please use the links below.  You can register in person at the AGM, or contact the Membership Director using the link on the Executives page. If you are a strata owner, your strata may already be a member.  You can obtain a link and code from your Strata Property Manager to confirm your registration and access the web site.

Recent Announcements

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