What We Are Doing To Ensure Our Client’s Safety


Our client’s safety is a top priority. We are taking extra measures to ensure that not only our Realtors and administrators but our clients, stay safe.  COVID-19 and the way the virus is transmitted have made us keenly aware of our responsibility our clients, and our community.

Buyers are still active in our market and with the lower interest rate, the market has not slowed down. Canada’s current market environment is ideal for both employed young first-time homebuyers who are looking to get into the market at a great interest rate. It’s also strong for our investors and developers who are looking to build a strong real estate portfolio when property carrying costs are very low relative to recent history.

We will continue to serve our buyers and sellers to the best of our ability. To do so, we have taken the following measures to ensure not only our client’s safety but also that of our staff.


  • Any and all staff returning from travel to foreign countries are to refrain from coming to the office for 14 days. This starts from the date of their return to Canada.
  • All staff are to refrain from coming into the office if at all possible. If they or someone who lives with them test positive for the coronavirus they should self-isolate for 14 days.
  • We are following the advice of medical professionals, so we ask that if you have a fever or flu-like symptoms or you are immunocompromised or have pulmonary disease please follow the BCCDC recommendations.
  • In order to “be virtual” and practice social distancing, we are teleconferencing with our clients and staff and using DocuSign for electronic document signing.


  • All of our agents are to work from home/virtually where possible.
  • We are using either anti-bacterial/anti-viral wipes and/or spray bottles and wipes (door knobs, pulls, counters, etc.) when showing with clients.
  • Medical grade gloves and boots will be used when working with clients on showings/viewings when necessary.
  • We are asking our buyers to refrain from touching any surfaces in client’s homes.
  • We are asking other agents if their clients are local and/or have done any international travel in the last 30 days.


  • There is a sign on Re/Max Vernon office and posted at our Open Houses to “STOP” if anyone is feeling unwell, or has been out of the country. We ask those not feeling well, to just call the office for assistance. We are also sending clients who may be unwell information on new listings or the progress of their transactions electronically.


  • Our Re/Max Vernon office will be closed for the next two weeks on Saturdays. However, we will still be answering calls and taking appointments as necessary, even on weekends. We will re-visit during that period to see what the next steps will be.


  • Re/Max Vernon tours and meetings have been canceled for the foreseeable future to stop any accidental spread.

We are taking any and all steps necessary to continue business as smoothly as possible. We will do our part to ensure a safe working environment for both our team members and our valued clients.