New Owners Meet With SilverStar Home Owners

New Owners Meet With Silver Star Home Owners

January 15th, 2020. – There was standing room only in the National Altitude Training Centre Auditorium this week to meet the new owners. A joint presentation for Silver Star homeowners was done by senior management of new owners POWDR Resorts and current Silver Star Mountain Resort.

POWDR, a Utah based adventure lifestyle company, purchased Silver Star Mountain Resort last month. Justin Sibley, POWDR Co-President and Ken Derpak, General Manager of Silver Star Mountain Resort led the presentation. The key takeaway was that the acquisition was ‘a very positive change for our resort community’.  Strong support for the new owners was shown after the meeting based on their accomplishments in its twenty-five years in business.

Everything will continue on the same as it has in the past for the current year, but the big opportunities for Silver Star lie ahead. New ideas and opportunities are on the way, some of which were shared with the group. How this will affect the neighbourhoods at Silver Star and the businesses in the village isn’t clear yet. However, the overall feeling from the homeowners was the impact will be nothing short of positive!

Privately held by the Cumming Family, POWDR owns numerous ski resorts. Boreal and Soda Springs in California, Copper Mountain and Eldora in Colorado, Killington and Pico in Vermont, Lee Canyon in Nevada, Mount Bachelor in Oregon, Snowbird and Woodward Park City in Utah and now Silver Star Mountain Resort.

In addition, POWDR has five Woodward Action Sports facilities in the United States and one in Mexico. There are also two additional adventure experience businesses. Powderbird, a Utah based Helicopter Skiing company and Sun Country Tours, an Oregon based Rafting company. The corporation also operates Woodward Television and OutsideTV.

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